How publish your book and sell it online

You may already be published, or you may not. Either way, you will know that it isn’t the publishing that counts, it’s the marketing and the Internet is ideal for this sort of work. The work covered through mentoring may include the following issues:

  • consider the differences between using a publisher, self publishing and the vanity press
  • find out how you can easily self publish your own book on the Internet
  • learn about what you need to pay for, and what you don’t if you have the skills
  • find out how you can sell your book on Amazon on BOTH sides of the Atlantic
  • the must do’s for marketing
  • how to use freely available advertising tools and services
  • identify the many online services that exist that can also sell your work
  • discuss the pro’s and con’s of alternative formats for your book
  • look at a number of famous self publishers

This is the sort of work that empowers authors to take control of their own work. All the services that could be discussed are based on my own experience of publishing and selling four books online. One of which has a top spot on Amazon in the US and the UK. None of the tips, tools and techniques that are discussed are expensive, in fact many of them are free and with some, you may not even need a website at all!

Why not read the sonnet that one of the delegates composed on the day!

What clients have said:

Lots of helpful, practical advice.” Sandra

Very practical approach, was very much appreciated.” Bob

Excellent information. Would now like to go further into website optimisation and electronic marketing, ie the geeky bit!” Hazel

I found this seminar stimulating and informative… thank you.” Abigail

A superb presentation. Linda is clearly an expert and is able to share her knowledge in fun and informative ways.” Sean

Another triumph.” Chris

A very informative and encouraging seminar on publishing online, you’ve put me on the ‘write track’!” Jane

Very helpful, very informative, lots of homework to do now. See you again and thanks Linda.” Jenny

It was a very informative day. I feel a lot more confident about my way forward. Linda has a wonderful presenting style in is full of information that’s relevant.” Mary

Another splendid and informative seminar full of practical ideas and advice.” Irene

Fantastic – informative, empowering, inspiring. Thank you, would love to come and do more.” Andrea

Inspirational, detailed knowledge put at our fingertips. Excellent.” Jane

Very clear, evenly paced, plenty of info. Thank you.” Fiona

Good day; informative; thought provoking and lots of avenues to follow.” Chris

Very interesting and comprehensive account of Internet publishing opportunities. I may well be in touch when I have a clearer idea of what I want to do.” Neil

This course was extremely helpful.” Christine

Very good day.” Al

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  1. Thank you for a most enjoyable and enlightening seminar. The information I received on the seminar was empowering, useful and easily accessible. I am in the process of writing a book and have been approached by a publisher but wanted to know if I could self- publish. I came away feeling enlightened and inspired to publish myself, with lots of options as to how to undertake the task. I would highly recommend this course to any budding authors.