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Please help me to help you get your message and writing to a wider audience

I’m going to make a huge assumption and it is that you are hoping your writing will eventually pay off in some way so you aren’t doing it just for the love of writing. I could be wrong but writing for the sake of writing, without any sort of recognition of ‘success’ (whatever that may mean to you) will eventually pale alongside the need to do other things that are considered more important.

Without recognition of some description, it could become just another tick on the to-do list of life which ends up at the bottom of the heap because of all the other things that are on that self-same to-do list as well.

Recognition, of course, comes in many forms and every one of us is different – it’s the great thing about the writing community, it’s so diverse and is one of the reasons I love it so much. It may be that recognition for you is having your book printed as a gift for family and friends, it may be that it’s available for sale in the local book shop, it may be that you crave that best-seller or even the status that comes with being an expert in your chosen field. Whatever recognition (and success) means to you is a vital part of who you are and I’d love you to write it big and large all over the social web.

Now, to the main part of the post and the thing I’d love you to try …..

I’ve visited many blogs over recent months of writers who are all trying to get their voice heard above the chatter that goes on and I’ve been struck by how often I can’t find the information I’m looking for. I have to try every which way to find it in other places as I scroll down sidebars, read their about pages and even go searching across multiple sections of a site and even then I struggle to find the key pieces of information which you must include:

  • Your name
  • Your pitch
  • Your social accounts
  • Your contact details
  • Your books are listed with links to buy them …..

This doesn’t apply to all author websites and blogs of course and it could be that you are not looking for this sort of recognition or success. But surely if you are blogging at least part of the reason you are doing it is to be ‘seen’ and to be ‘visible’ so please can you help me, and other readers out, and let us help you out too.

When I go to a blog post I really enjoy I want to share it on Twitter or Facebook perhaps, sometimes even on LinkedIn. I want to acknowledge the skill and time it has taken to craft and create this piece for other people to read. I can just click a ‘share’ button but then you may never know I’d shared it for you, so I look for your Twitter handle, your LinkedIn account or your Facebook Page just to add into the status update I’m writing – so go on please make it easy for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, yesterday I asked if anyone on LinkedIn would like to share their profile with me so we can connect, you can add a comment there if you’d like to LinkedIn For Authors and Writers – Part 1 and here I’d like to find out if you have a Twitter handle I have yet to follow or a Facebook Page I’d love to ‘like’. Just drop them in and I’ll come along and find you and then I can introduce you to the people in my network too.

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  1. I know – I’ve already found you :-))) I’ve added you to my list of authors and writer’s on Twitter too – this means I can keep up with what’s going on in a considered way rather than through the mess that is my home feed.

  2. LinkedIn is perfect if you are looking to develop a business focused network rather than a social focus network (which is what you’d get with Facebook and the like). It is by far the best place to put yourself in the way of business opportunities and contacts and I have found it enormously beneficial in building my own businesses and networks so much so that I even wrote a book about how to use it :-). If you are a professional (or hoping to be a professional) writer then it would be the place to connect in a professional capacity with those who could help you develop your skills, expertise and experience. Have a look at yesterdays post for more info to get you started as I’m beginning a short series over the next few weeks about how writers and authors can use it to help them:

  3. Hi Rich, Iโ€™m primarily a networker both on and off-line. I try to help out where I can and will always support other people if I can find them which is why when I buy a book I try to find a twitter handle so I could include it in the tweet I send out from the Amazon confirmation page โ€“ you never know, someone from my network may then be interested in what that person has to say and I’ve just made it easy for them to connect without having to do the searching themselves ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That sounds a bit dramatic hon … BTW I removed your email address from the message as it’s not a good idea to be posting it so openly. You have my mobile number … give me a call this evening and we’ll chat. Hugs ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thanks George, It was great to meet last year and lunch and a really great chat would be fab again. How’s the world of LinkedIn going?

  6. so you’re looking to get facebook/twitter info so you can share that on your space?

    just checking.

  7. Losing all hope ,losing the hope to live,all is not wright in my head.I used to be a ray of sunshine but my time has come,I’ve never been a crimanal,but I feel that I’m going to be one. One of many lost in the system,put away no one to listen…but all I hear is my situation. Feeling sorry and down with myself happy go lucky is a thorn left and flew away,I feel nothing but pity god will save me hopefully some day.