Making e-Publications Relevant in today’s hyper connected world

I had the good fortune to hear Rahel Ann Bailie speak at this years Publishing Expo on a subject that is close to my heart, that of making e-publications relevant.  Her advice was simple, clear and concise and it radically changed my thoughts about what works and what doesn’t. So much so, that I decided there and then to go ahead with our nascent plans for our own small publishing business.

I have shared Rahel’s presentation from Slideshare below and although it may not make a huge amount of sense without listening to her accompanying dialogue it has enough information in it for you to begin to get the picture.

The essence of what she was saying though was that it is all very well creating a digital version of your latest book to be sold and available to multiple devices, but how do you actually make things relevant for your readers in this environment too – in other words how do you add value to your work?

You could do this in many different ways of course and the flippy, page turner type of ‘cool’ gizmo is one way that many companies try to differentiate themselves. But are these really the things that the reader wants?

The reality is that no, this isn’t what they want nor need and it would be fair to say that these wants and needs will change with the technology.  So how about the ability to share your thoughts about the book as you go, what about producing really useful Tables of Content or creating additional content that is available only to readers.

If you get a chance to hear Rahel speak anywhere else, I would strongly suggest that you consider it a ‘done deal’.

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