Copyright Law

I’ve just been looking at some stuff on copyright law, to try to see what has changed and what has stayed the same and I found myself thinking about a client I did a lot of work with several years ago when I worked in the West Midlands.

You must remember that this was in the late 1990’s, so many businesses still had to join the Internet bandwagon and when they did it was normally as a bolt on to their current marketing efforts – pretty much nothing has changed then has it?

This particular client was one of the countries largest stationary suppliers – they even printed the Government Bonds ….!

We were drinking coffee, enjoying the sunny afternoon and chatting about pretty much everything really, when he suddenly started to tell me about one of his smaller customers, a school nearby.

The primary school had been so fired up by the potential of the Internet that they were using transfers supplied by his company to create t-shirts that were then sold to parents and children to help raise funds for the school. He explained that his company had even funded a training programme to ensure that the staff and children knew how to copy images from the web.

I think my face may have given me away at this point, because when I asked which images they were copying, I was told that they were using the Nike, Coca Cola and many other brand name logo’s. I was speechless ………… for those of you that know me this is difficult to achieve as I always have something to say about everything.

After a quick sip of coffee to allow me to gather my thoughts; a short discussion about copyright law followed, together with the requisite shock registered on my companions face regarding his companies complicity in the ‘crime’. I wonder what he makes of that conversation these days?

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