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An overview of Amazon lists

After last weeks post about Amazon SEO I thought it might be worth highlighting the various lists that Amazon shows on it’s various sites so we can be clear going forward what we can influence and what we can’t.

I also need to highlight that I work on Amazon UK rather than because I’m based in the UK. So there may be a small number of differences you may notice if you are elsewhere.

Remember, the aim of Amazon is to show the item they believe, based their knowledge of our shopping habits, we are most likely to buy.

Lists appearing on individual amazon book pages:

Sales rank: This is a your rank based on the entire Amazon estate for the particular section you are looking at; for example Kindle ebooks or book. It is updated on hourly but updates may not be reflected immediately.

Bestsellers rank: This is the rank in a given category/categories for your book. Again it is based entirely on sales and is updated hourly but updates may not be reflected immediately. The ONLY thing that influences these ranks is paid for sales.

Both of these sales ranks are predicated towards recent sales and consistency. Getting a quick rush of sales may give you a quick spike but it will quickly dissipate if it’s not sustained.

Customers who bought this item also bought: This is another place that shows everything other people have bought after buying your book.

What do other customers buy after viewing this item: This is exactly what it says it is a list of the books other people have bought when they viewed your particular book. They may also have bought your book too.

Your recently viewed items: This is a list of the items a buyer has viewed recently on Amazon. The link to view the page you made takes you to a dynamic page filled with the items you’ve looked at on Amazon.

Inspired by your viewing history: This sits at the bottom of the book page and is Amazon’s attempt to bring together what it knows about the customer account. It will recommend books based what it thinks you will buy, at the same time as reminding you of what you’ve recently looked at. It’s worth remembering that we rarely buy on a first look, often it takes a second or even third visit to commit to parting with hard cash.

Each of the above lists are based on sales and the relationship between buyers of your book and viewers of your book pages. If you sell a book, it is likely to appear on a corresponding list on another author’s book page and you are seen by someone else who may not even know you exist yet.

Getting someone to your book page is the first step to appearing in these lists the next time they visit Amazon. A key activity you should be considering is how to increase the number of viewers to your page.

Lists on the broader Amazon platform

Best seller lists: This is a list of the top 100 best selling books in any given category. It is determined only by paid for sales and is different from the popularity lists you’ll find if you click on categories on the left hand side of the Amazon home page. There is a corresponding top 100 free list as well.

New and noteworthy: This is a list of the latest releases in a particular category over the last 90 days. A listing here is not soley determined by sales. Other factors such as reviews do determined by a variety of factors including reviews and publication date. For example on one category I checked today the first book listed had an overall sales rank of 80,000+ and 10 x 3.5* reviews while the second had a sales rank of 30,000+ with 4 x 5* reviews.

New for you: This is a list of books specifically recommended based on books you have bought through Amazon, those you have marked as owning as well as items you have rated and reviewed. It is offered by Amazon as a way of hooking customers back into the purchase process.

Lists on the Amazon home Page

All of the following lists should be self explanatory. They are all based on what a person has been doing on Amazon – what they’ve looked at, what they’ve bought and other actions they have taken.

  • Related to items you’ve viewed
  • More items to consider
  • New for you
  • Recommendations for you in Kindle store
  • More top picks
  • Inspired by your shopping trends
  • What other customers are looking at right now (that it assumes from past behaviour are similar to you)
  • Your Recently Viewed Items and Featured Recommendations
    • You viewed

Some of these lists we, as authors, can use to our advantage when it comes to marketing our book for example encouraging as many people as possible to visit our book page. Others are influenced only by sales. But the more we can appear on those lists we can influence, the better our chance of increasing sales!


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  1. Hi Robin. You’re quite right, I did miss out the reviewer ranking because I was focusing just on books rather than people. But your point is a very good one an I’m really pleased you made it. Thanks

  2. You’ve forgotten about the Amazon Reviewer Ranking,

    Reviewers is what drive sells.
    So looking at the books a decently ranked reviewer has reviewed might be a good way to find the next book to read. Once you’ve found it see how helpful that reviewer has been in comparison the other reviews.
    If anyone is interest in reading the reviews I’ve written you’re invited to go to:

    Please do send me any requests to do a review as I DON’T accept any. I only review books I’ve won through the giveaways I’ve entered or have been written by someone from my second source of books.

    Have a GREAT WEEK with whatever you do. !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂