About the author – why it matters in your latest book

If you’re like me then you probably have a whole load of different books on the go. I’ve a pile that consists of the review copies for my Thursday Thronger’s, business books, social media analysis and fiction in a variety of genres. With just a couple of exceptions, I rarely follow specific major authors. If they don’t have an About the Author page then I might miss out on reading other things they have written, if I enjoyed the book I picked up. With one, there is every chance I might just go and get something else from them too.

What does an About the Author page include?

In my humble opinion, at the very least, it should give a little more information about the author, in the form of a short biographical blurb. I’d like to see a picture if possible, and a list of other books written by the author – separated out by genre if it’s appropriate.

In addition, it’s sometimes nice to include an offer of some description. A coupon code to claim a discount off another book perhaps, particularly if people can buy from you directly. The opportunity to sign up to a newsletter is always a useful inclusion; and finally, a list of places you can be found online, whether this is your website, social accounts or Amazon author page.

If it’s an ebook, it might be helpful to have a link that encourages people to leave ‘nice’ feedback for you. They can just click the link and hey presto there you have another useful review.

Depending on the genre you are writing, you may have supplementary materials. For instance in 101 Handy Hints for a Happy Hysterectomy, I have a set of sheets at the back that readers can photocopy to use themselves. Naturally, this isn’t possible in an ebook, so I have included a message which asks them to send an email to a special address requesting the resources. When that email is received a message is bounced back almost immediately with a PDF document attachment of all the resources.

This post is one of my 101 Book Marketing Ideas for Authors.

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