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5 top tips to help me blog more effectively

The kind people at have just sent me a link to my ‘Year of Blogging 2011’.  An opportunity to review my activities on my blog. When I read through them I must admit to being a little disappointed in myself and then I realised that I could easily do better. I haven’t been as active on my blog as I could have been and I have regularly posted about ‘doing better’ or ‘writing more’ and have yet to achieve both of these aims. So why promise something if I’m unable to deliver?

Well, it’s because I believe in the value of blogging not only because it exposes me to a wider audience but because it helps me gather and clarify my own thoughts and opinions. There are some actions I could do more frequently and more effectively to make my blogging activities really count.

1. I could write more frequently – I have to admit that I’ve found it difficult over the last couple of years to know what to write about, mainly because I work across so many different areas and I have a huge number of interests too. Deciding at the beginning of December that I would move all work related ‘stuff’ onto my business website has been a huge step forward and should make it easier to write in the future.

2. Comment on other peoples blogs – I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis but only comment on a few of them. Often I will think something along the lines of ‘I’ll come back to that and write a comment later’; but I rarely do because I forget, I move on to another task or I forget how I found the post in the first place. The solution then is to write my comment when I read the post!

3. Use Twitter more effectively to identify the blogs and bloggers that I would like to follow myself – I love Twitter, it’s immediacy when I have something on my mind is brilliant for a butterfly like me who is forever travelling around the web gathering ideas.

4. Work with themes – it’s something I regularly suggest to clients but is clearly a case of ‘do as I say, not do as I do’.  When you have a theme to write about it becomes so much easier to find subjects within the whole that deserve short (or long) blog posts of their own. For instance, I could write about the art of writing, I could write about the speeches I give at Toastmasters, I could write about how I’m doing with my current and my next novels ….. the list is endless, I just need to make it effective.

5. Create a blogging calendar – this is another suggestion I regularly make to clients but have rarely followed on this particular site (I have done it when working with client blogs though which is a defence in my favour y’honour). The calendar will be dependent on your own particular interests but for me, it might include writing competitions, NANOWRIMO, toastmasters events, presentations I give, or even the world of women’s health (think Breast Cancer awareness month in October).

This time next year, I will review how well I’ve done against my five tips to help me blog more effectively and I’ll keep you posted as well.

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  1. Thanks so much for the supportive comments Sally, I too love it when people admit to being human as it’s so easy to feel that everyone is so much better than me at things. Since writing this post I’ve noticed that my blogging activity and thoughts have been much more organised around what to do online and why.

  2. Hi Linda
    It’s so nice when people admit they are real and don’t always do as planned! I can definitely relate to the idea that a blog helps you clarify your thinking and priorities, and I just wanted to say that as recent recipient of the advice in points 4 and 5 (have themes and do a calendar), it’s excellent and I wouldn’t have got mine off the ground without following that advice!
    Though I still havent got a photo on my linked in profile or site… must do better…