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The perfect set of widgets

I’ve been playing again. Playing with widgets that is. I know what you must be thinking, but I am perfectly sane and normal, really 🙂 please believe me.

The widgets I’m referring to are those you can find on WordPress.com. So many widgets, so little time. Just which ones do you pick to make the very best use of the opportunities that arise?  I can’t make my mind up between displaying pages or not, having a category cloud or a category widget (I’ve gone for the latter incidentally).  The problem is that each widget you use makes your page longer and longer, that’s not a problem on the home page as I display my most recent 10 posts, but when a reader visits a page like this, then there’s an awful lot of white space at the bottom of the page.

So, my solution was to change the theme (that’s the second time in less than a month) to see if I could find a nice three-column layout that I liked the look of.  It’s still difficult, the one I’ve settled for, I’d really like to be able to change the background colour to a luverley shade of pale puce (not!) but I can’t unless I purchase the upgrade – so now I have a new question, do I risk irritating Anne who thought the previous theme was dark (and gloomy) and keep the background grey, or do I hope that my pretty rainbow of eggs provides enough colour for one blog to bear.  You see too many choices.

So back to the widgets.  I’d like people to be able to find my other websites – I have several you know, I’d love them to be able to read (if they were at all interested) the other things I write about on those self-same websites.  I also want more people to subscribe to my blog and event to comment on my blog – the numbers are growing every time I write something that is of interest.  Ah! so therein lies the heart of the problem, writing something of interest.

I guess one of the things I need to overcome on this blog is that it’s so random, I talk about just about anything that takes my fancy – hence the question of widgets – and then some.  It’s not a business blog, it’s not designed to be a business blog, this is just Lindy’s space on the web to explore, play and have fun with the things that interest me.  I hope you’ll agree it’s eclectic (Laura, if you even read this, then there’s a potential word of the week for you!), I hope you think it might be interesting, but above all, I hope it sparks your enthusiasm and interest in all things blog.

Now, where was I?  Oh yes, widgets.

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