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The frustrations of running an online business

As you know, I have been in Cyprus for the last two months avoiding building work going on in my home and office in the UK. While I have been here I have also been trying to continue as ‘normal’ a service as possible for my clients – as well as trying to get this website up and running, and completing my latest book “How to build a brilliant business with the Internet”.

But it has not been easy – in fact at times it has been downright frustrating and today has been a really good example of how bad it can be trying to run an online business from a distance.

In theory, it should work well – almost everything I do is online. I communicate by email, I deliver ebooks and the site’s are all information based (mostly! but that’s another story). But, all of this depends heavily on having an adequate connection to the Internet.

Although the friends who own the villa we have borrowed have had telephone lines installed and and connection set up – I have usually been forced to retreat to a local hotel where I can get free WiFi access while I drink my Earl Grey tea and eat mini cakes (not good for the waistline I have to say – but very, very tasty!). So, I have two hours battery life, I battle with a temperamental network connection in the bar and then – to top it all I am dealing with rank stupidity as well.

I have been trying for over 10 days now to get this site and the ebook listed on a major directory site – everything seems to go well, but then it all fails somehow to deliver the goods. Unfortunately the time difference doesn’t help either as the site is based in the US, which means it can take 24 hours sometimes to actually get anywhere at all.

So my recommendation for those of you who are hoping to spend time away from it all with just your laptop and online business for company is DON’T – unless of course you are certain you have the connection speeds you need, the battery life or electricity supply to keep it running and the opportunity to check in at various times through the day for replies to those frustrating emails.

Ah well, I’m off to Limassol now and will be back home in Dorset on Thursday night – I can’t wait!

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