The Business Case for WordPress

I was sent an email earlier this week about an intensive weekend workshop I’m running with a colleague (Steve Graham) on installing, setting up, using and maintaining WordPress software.   The email said “Thanks for this. Seems a good thorough programme – certainly we’re interested, however we aren’t sure what the business benefits of wordpress are?“.

That was definitely one of the those questions that makes you stop and think before replying.  When I did reply, I sent back an email with 15 business benefits (in my opinion, you may have others or even counter arguments) which I’ve listed below:-

  1. It’s free software that will help you build a professional looking and easy to manage website
  2. You can extend the basic installation through the use of plugins that cover virtually every requirement ever known to man (or woman), including forums, event calendars, e-commerce, membership sites, online learning, directories
  3. Most plugins are free to use, occasionally you may want to pay for some that are particularly useful or relevant
  4. It is easy to update, maintain and amend the software
  5. It is business standard software, used by lots of large companies for part of their websites:,,
  6. It is 80% of the way there for SEO – in other words, you can concentrate on the message and words without having to worry about the rest of it as it does it for you
  7. You can easily manage multiple users with different access requirements
  8. It operates in wysiwyg mode for most functions.  But if you want to get into the programming you can do so as it is completely open source
  9. It integrates easily with all sorts of other software and online systems
  10. It works very well with screen readers so there is accessible to the visually impaired (although this does depend on the theme you use)
  11. You can make the changes you need at a time to suit yourself with no need to get a third party involved if you don’t want to
  12. It’s powerful content management allows you to keep your data and design separate, thereby reducing risk of problems.
  13. It handles 1000’s of concurrent users easily – I know, I have a couple of hundred thousand users every month on the hysterectomy association website
  14. You can creates permalinks – custom links to the various pages for SEO purposes whilst many content management systems don’t do this easily
  15. It allows you to engage and interact with your readers through the comments system

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