The almost instant website

There are many reasons why a business might decide that they need to have their own website, for instance:-

  • they might want to sell their products online
  • they may feel that this is the medium to attract the attention of new clients
  • they may decide that it will help to support existing clients more effectively

Whatever the reason though, an effective website is crucial. All to often though, they are ’sold’ a package that is more in the website designers interests than in their own. In many instances they aren’t given the tools to update or manage the website themselves, instead they are charged every time they need to add, or amend, some details – racking up profits for the developer and maximum inconvenience for the business.

I work with radical new ways of creating your own business website with free and readily available tools and software. I often use WordPress frequently used for ‘blogging, but equally up to the job of a running a professional website (incidentally, this website is run using wordpress). However, there are many other systems that may be more appropriate and I can introduce you to them and suggest ways in which they may be used to create the online experience you want for your customers.

WordPress is fully functional, it allows you to add information simply and easily using something similar to word processing software. There are hundreds of freely available templates that are all customisable which allow you to create a professional and unique image for your business. There are dozens of useful ‘widgets’ that allow you to extend the functionality of the website and you can choose from either the completely free and hosted version, or download the software yourself onto your own hosting account and web address.

The sorts of areas I work with my clients include how to:

  • set up a website and the domain name
  • structure the information and sales flow of websites
  • add information to sites, update it and change the look and feel of the site
  • determine the essential information you need to add to your site
  • how to get started marketing your new website so that people can find it.
  • look at additional templates you could use if you wanted to
  • find useful ‘widgets’ that add extra functionality.

This sort of mentoring is perfect for those businesses who have yet to make the move to the web.

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