Social media marketing

The world is a’changin as the song goes; and this is even more in evidence when we consider the massive alterations that access to the Internet has given us in terms of connecting information and people together. In to this world we have added richness in the form of social media. It can sometimes feel that we’ve been catapulted into a world where we can literally talk to anyone anywhere at any time – and what’s more, we don’t even need to know them first. The rules of the game, it seems, have changed.

Or have they?

Just because you can do this doesn’t mean you should, nor does the fact that’s it’s technically possible mean that you’ll be do it in practice either. In fact, the person we want to ‘speak’ to may not even want to hear us, let alone respond.

Enter the world of Social Media Marketing. It’s a world dominated by one factor, ‘what’s in it for me?’ If you bear that question in mind whenever you venture forth, you won’t go far wrong. Over the last few years I’ve gathered together thoughts and ideas about how to use the social web to help me build my own businesses, and you can find them in this section of my blog.

They’ve been loosely grouped into several quick start pages around the main social networks:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Google+ Marketing

I’ve also created a number of tags that can also be used to filter my blog posts more easily

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  • Personal Branding
  • SEO
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