So, here’s a personal story about how social media works in practice to give you and your business exposure

Here’s a simple story of how social media works in practice and how I found a new supplier on Facebook quite by accident.

Things to Note First: I also ran a social enterprise called The Hysterectomy Association. We had a Facebook Page. I also have a public Facebook Page for me as Linda Parkinson-Hardman the author etc …. (this isn’t the same as my very private personal profile which is for close friends and family only). When I comment on the Hysterectomy Association, I use my public Facebook Page to do so this is because only official announcements go out from The Hysterectomy Association.

1. So, one of the Hysterectomy Association members spotted a comment I had made and followed the link to my personal Facebook Page. She very kindly liked my page.

2. She noticed that I’d added a post about National Stationery Day yesterday and left me a comment, mentioning a local company that was also a social enterprise. (Social enterprise works every time for me by the way).

3. I replied to her comment and went off to see if they had a Facebook Page too, they did (hurrah) and in my reply to her, I mentioned the link for my other readers too.

4. I also liked their page and left a comment of my own there whilst I finished up what I was doing on Facebook.

5. The owner of the company very kindly came back and liked my page in return.

6. I’ve now been able to have a look at their catalogue and found that they stock the very envelopes we use at The Hysterectomy  Association to send out all of our orders and they are based in Bournemouth too, which is in the same County as me.

7. I’ve now left another reply letting them know that I shall be placing my next stationery order with them next month.

The lesson then is that successful social media isn’t about YOU, it’s about the people you connect with who tell you who and what they like too.

If I hadn’t written about National Stationery Day and I hadn’t commented on the Hysterectomy Association Facebook Page, Vicki would never have picked me up and let me know about the company she likes and I would never have found a supplier who can provide me with the things I need AND support my own values and ethics too. I’m always amazed at the way in which we find the things we need by the most circuitous of routes.

That, my friends is a win, win, win situation I think 🙂

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