Search engine optimisation – part one – onsite tools and techniques

Let’s face it, getting a good result on a search engine when someone is looking for the products or services you offer is key to success online, therefore improving your website’s ranking is paramount.

However, SEO (search engine optimisation) is often cited by web marketeers as something of a black art that only those ‘in the know’ are able to do correctly and therefore out the scope of the ordinary business person.

This mentoring work is designed to debunk that myth and put you back in control by explaining just what you can do to ensure that your website is loved by search engines the world over.

Much of the our time together either in a workshop or through mentoring and consultancy will be taken up with understanding how the search engines work themselves and how they rank and present websites when a user makes a search on them. The elements of your website that matter and those that are less important will be identified. We will also take a look at some of the tools that will help you, help the search engine make sure that you are listed correctly. During our sessions we might consider such issues as:

  • What search engine optimisation is, and isn’t…
  • How you can find out how your website is ranked worldwide and why this is useful to know
  • What your competitors site can tell you about how to get a good result
  • How to find the relevant keywords for your business and how you can test them
  • Why it is important to be specific
  • The mystery of the search engine algorithm will be explained
  • The RIPCURL effect, what it is and how to make it work to your advantage
  • Understanding the different elements of your website and which ones the search engines like best
  • How to do more of the things that the search engines like best and how to do less of the things they don’t
  • Which easily accessible tools that are free to use that will help you make sure your site is listed correctly

What Clients Have To Say:

Excellent information – thank you“. M Laywine

Yet another great session – these are superb value for money seminars“. R Mack

Very informative and worthwhile sessions“. P Craddock

Thank you for an excellent, informative evening“. S Hutton

Brilliant, as ever. Thank you“. B Aldridge


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