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Search engine optimisation – part two – internet / online marketing

Search engine optimisation involves two key activities, the work that takes place on site that normally involves the way you write the pages of your website, the words and phrases you use and where you use them. However, the second part is one where you have much less control and is the part that is called offsite.

This work involves what could also be called online or Internet marketing and is the process by which you market your product or service over the Internet. But, it is easy to be stumped by what works, what doesn’t and what is just a waste of your time and cash.

Internet marketing doesn’t simply mean ‘building a website’ or ‘promoting a website’. Somewhere behind that website is a real organisation with real goals and your marketing strategy is a key part of ensuring that those goals are met. Typically this strategy will include all aspects of online advertising for products, services, and websites, includes market research, email marketing, and direct sales.

The sort of work that the workshop, mentoring and consultancy might undertake goes into depth about the various activities that can be undertaken that will help you to put your business in front of the customers that matter, usually for little or no cost; that will almost certainly boost your ranking by the use of clever search engine optimisation techniques designed to get Google and it’s cohorts looking at you favourably. Almost all the tools, methods and techniques that are discussed are easy to access, learn and implement, often they just require a little planning, time and tenacity to ensure that the best results are obtained.

So just what sort of things might we cover? Well some of what we could discuss includes:

  • What is off site search engine optimisation
  • What the difference between marketing and advertising is and why both are important
  • How to make the most of any website or other online presence you have
  • How you can find out whether you have been indexed correctly in the first place
  • How you find the most appropriate listings, directories and online publications for your business
  • How you can harness the power of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to your advantage
  • Getting listed on the myriad other search engines that all make a difference
  • Why writing articles and press releases matters and how to do it effectively
  • What you should pay for, and what you shouldn’t
  • How to get yourself listed on other people’s websites
  • How you can build in ongoing market research about what works and what doesn’t
  • How online services like eBay and Amazon can help you build a brand
  • How to identify complementary services that will assist you in promoting your business.

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  1. Last night’s seminar on marketing was far more than anything I expected. Ignorance is certainly not bliss!
    Thank you for sharing your information.
    I look forward to all of your seminars with possibly a workshop in June once I have everything up and running.