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Getting to grips with online advertising

Google Adwords is the granddaddy of simple and easy online advertising. However, it is very easy to lose a packet if you aren’t fully au fait with how the whole system works.

In this work we’ll look at how you can create a great adwords campaign that will drive more customers to your online presence. We will also talk about the other two main online advertising systems: Microsoft Adcenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

In October last year, Google’s share of online advertising revenue was reputed to be 40%. Which means that if you are looking to advertise on the web, you would do well not to ignore it. In addition to the fact that Google also seems to drive about 90% of search engine traffic, this is combination that can work wonders for any business.

But …. how do you do it successfully and for as little cost as possible. At present, I pay around 3p-5p for each click on one of my adverts online and these clicks drive many of the orders I receive as well. What is important is similar to search engine optimisation, your advert needs to be consistent with the search terms people are using.

Therefore the work includes looking at the search terms to bid on, how you phrase your advert for maximum success, how to measure the ROI of your advertising spend and how to use your competitors to your advantage!

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