Beginners guide To e-commerce

Are you confused about the huge array of choice that is available to you when it comes to setting up a system to accept payments online?

Would you like to find out why some are better than others?

Would it help if you knew how to assess the ones that would suit your need?

If you run a website, there is no excuse these days to avoid using online payment systems. They are hugely cost effective, often free to set up and simple to use. They integrate easily with your bank account, allowing you to get the monies paid quickly and easily. The type of work covered in workshops and mentoring is designed to show you how you can use online payment systems to increase your customers and your profits. The sorts of subjects we might look at includes:

  • how online payment systems work
  • the difference between online payment systems and shopping carts
  • how each of the main systems fit into existing websites
  • how to assess which ones suit your needs and which ones won’t
  • how they are costed and what their charging methods are
  • how each of them pay the money you have earned into your bank account
  • how to incorporate each of them into any website you are already running

What Clients Have To Say …..

Another fantastic, inspirational course. I feel inspired and also clear about the choices I want to make for online payments. Thank you, I’ll be back.” Andrea

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  1. Thank you for a great seminar. I often find the internet is a confusing and mysterious place, but this course showed me how easy it is to install your own online payment services and gave me the practical skills and confidence to implement them on my own website. Your advice and guidance on which services would be most useful for me was great- it demystified the whole process. I now know in which direction to focus my website and am looking forward to introducing online payment rather than being confused and overwhelmed.