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Business confusion over internet marketing

The face of business is changing constantly; greater numbers of businesses are heading onto the web and into internet marketing as a source of both clients and business. But all too often I’m told that they are frustrated by the technology and the choice of what to do and how to do it. What often follows is a torrent of frustration, the quick and dirty version is often something like this:

“I just don’t GET internet marketing. I hear about all these people and businesses who are really successful using it and I get loads of emails from companies telling me how to do it, but I just don’t know where to start. How do I even BEGIN to catch up? I have no idea what works and whether it’s even worth my time to do it. I run a successful business and yet I feel like a failure when it comes to all this, and I just know I’m missing out on a vital component of my marketing strategy!”

But of course the problem is that the MAIN reason why businesses struggle with internet marketing is because they go against the natural order of things – in short, they are trying to swim upstream, because they are trying to apply traditional methods in an environment where all bets are off and almost anything is possible.

First off, they forget that marketing is about people, in fact I read something the other day that made the comment that the problem with social networking and why it didn’t work was that it was about people. Eh! If marketing is about people and social networking is about people, then surely it’s a match made in heaven – clearly there was some confusion about how social networking and e-Marketing actually functions.

In short, their purpose is to attract the attention of people. However, it’s what you do when you have captured that attention that is key to the whole kit and caboodle. There is no point in attracting attention, if you then do nothing with it. So just what can you do, well the options are myriad and I thought I’d share a few suggestions here:

  • how about an ad campaign on facebook that specifically offers a solution to a problem area for other businesses
  • or what about using a blog as a hub for your online social networking activities
  • if you are the centre of your business, have you maximised your linkedin profile?
  • have you thought about the knowledge you have gained in your business and how others could benefit from it.

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