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Introducing the Art of Being Show

Over the years I’ve done many interviews with writers and authors on the Thursday Throng, Over 262 if you want to be exact about it. And they’ve been great, they still are great, but … they are fairly static and whilst the aim of the questions is always to encourage writers to share something of what makes them tick, I’ve always thought it would be nice to share something more dynamic, like a podcast or vlog.

The truth is I never had the courage to do it. And then the coronavirus pandemic arrived in town and we were all shuttered, the many distractions I’d used over the years to stop myself from doing what I said I wanted to do were no longer open to me. So I gave in and realised now was the only time I have, in fact, it’s the only time any of us have and it seemed like a good place to start a podcast.

And this is it.

It’s called the Art of Being, not because I want to find out what makes writers healthy and happy, although that is a part of the interview, but because I recognise that a big bit of being ‘whole’ is being healthy and happy – it’s a same reason I renamed my blog when I revamped it last year.

So, in this show, I’ll be talking initially to people who have given me their time and support on the Thursday Throng over the years. Later I may invite other people in, but we’ll see how it goes.

And I’m not just interested in whether they are still writing, I want to know what happened next, how their writerly journey developed or even if it morphed into something completely different. Because life is like that – it isn’t a linear path from A to death, it weaves and winds, twists and turns and even upends itself sometimes; and along the way, magic happens and all of sudden you’re where you never could have dreamed or expected.

Update: And just in case you think you’re in a different place, the show was originally called The Healthy Happy Writer show!

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