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In conversation with Tom Evans

This week, I’m in conversation with someone who has been described as being as close to a real-life wizard as you can get, the author of 16 books, Tom Evans.

Tom first joined me on the Thursday Throng in 2013 with his book, This We Know. This book is very close to my heart as it asks two fundamental questions that have intrigued me for many decades: what do we know, and what don’t we know. In this interivew we talked about the assumptions people make about others and themselves.

This We Know was his first book where he wrote what he thought, rather than what other people think. Tom, like me, is fascinated by consciousness. He descibes himself as going through many different iterations of ‘who Tom is’ and over the years he has found he is many different things but at heart he is here to help others find their own place and sense of who they are in the world.

In this interview we talk about what happened following This We Know and bring it right up to date with his current writing, books and ideas about how life works. One of the most interesting aspects of Tom is how he works on moon time, using the lunar calendar to publish his content on the new and full moons. The second interesting aspect of Tom is his emphasis on ‘what goes round comes around’ and how sharing content free has allowed him to become financially independent; it’s a fascinating insight into what might make the world go round in the future.

His latest book is Soul Waves: a future history was published on the date of the first new moon of 2020 and is his first novel. In it, everything he thinks about life, the universe and everything, has been brought out in the form of a story that encourages to take a sideways look at how we come into being, why we are here, what determines the circumstances of our lives and what, if anything, we can do about all of it.

If you are ready to explore your own creative potential as a ‘magician’ why not check out Tom’s online course The Path of Return, a thirteen step guide to experiencing a software upgrade for your soul?

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