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In conversation with Patsy Collins

This week, I’m in conversation with prolific short story writer Patsy Collins. Patsy has written over 700 short stories for UK magazines. On top of that she has written five novels, two non-fiction books for writers and published 18 collections of her short fiction.

She previously joined me on the Thursday Throng back in 2013 with her novel, A year and a day.

Known as the travelling writer she can often be found up down the UK in her camper van making up stories and writing them down. Patsy is the editor of the Womag blog, a guide for writers who want to get into short fiction for women’s magazines and she also gives loads of advice, ideas and updates about writing competitions on her own blog at blogspot. You can also find her hanging out on her website too at:

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  1. Thanks, Jenny.

    It’s odd sort of knowing people online, isn’t it? We can have quite a good idea of their personality, yet might not recognise them if we passed on the street.

  2. Although I first ‘met’ Patsy in an online writing forum quite a few years ago, we have never met in person, so I have really enjoyed listening to your conversation over my morning coffee. Thanks to both of you for a very interesting interview.