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In conversation with Lin Treadgold

This week, I’m in conversation with Lin Treadgold who joined me in 2013 with her first book, Goodbye Henrietta Street. Lin is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association. She’s now working on her third and fourth novels,

Lin and I talked about the joys, trials and tribulations of working with publishers vs self publishing. And although her experience of self publishing with Silverwood Books has been good she still wants to find an agent and author, especially with the third book which is based on letters her father wrote from a prisoner of war camp in Italy. And not only has an agent said they would like to see the manuscript and a film maker has also asked her to consider the book for a film.

Becoming a member of the Romantic Novelists Association has helped develop her confidence, and meeting with members of her local chapter in Exeter and she now describes her first two books as her ‘practice pieces’ which reminded me of the quote ’10 years of deliberate practice to achieve mastery’ (See

It was interesting to hear how LIn is turning skills in marketing she learnt in a previous career as a driving instructor into a benefit in her current life as an author. As the conversation progressed we turned to the advantage of being in nature, how the creative spirit is moved by staying out of our own heads and benefit of building good relationships with potential readers.

If you’d like to meeting Lin, you can do so on her blog here: and you can pick up her books on Amazon too.

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