In conversation with Andy Lopata

This week, I’m in conversation with Andy Lopata. I first came across Andy’s work back in 2008 when I joined a business networking group called The Brilliant BusinessXchange, lead by the lovely Laura McHarrie. She gave all new members a copy of Andy’s book, ‘and death comes third‘ to introduce them to two basic skills needed to succeed in the group – public speaking and networking.

Andy joined me on the Thursday Throng back in 2013 when his next book, Recommended: How to sell through networking and referrals, was published. Recommended helps business owners and sales staff understand just how powerful a tool networking can be to help develop a lead generation strategy.

In this interview we talk about what changed in his professional life since that interview and discuss how he had developed a broader perspective with his clients that focuses on developing the leadership skills through connected relationship building. Andy’s 4th book, Connected Leadership: How Professional Relationships Underpin Executive Success, is now available to buy in Kindle format on Amazon.

One of the things that struck me as we talked was that the theme of relationship building within business seems to be building momentum and I was able to reflect with Andy on what that meant for the future and how it might change the culture of an organisation from within.

If you’d like to find out more about Andy why not visit his website at: where you can sign up for his fantastic newsletter, Connecting is Not Enough to get a whole host of really helpful handy hints and tips to make your networking, business relationships and public speaking even bigger, bolder and better than it’s been to date.

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