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In conversation with Andy Cash, winner of the Hysteria 2020 poetry competition

Andy Cash was the winner of the Hysteria 2020 poetry competition with his poem The Poets Meeting published in the Hysteria 7 anthology. Andy writes about love, hope, human insecurities, death, our needs, mental illness and weaknesses, strengths, deep desires to be part of a fellow brethren and the lusts of life in an everyday world. He is anti-post truth and a fighter for freedom of the mind. Each poem he writes is about the truth, real people and real events.

Listen to the interview and his reading of The Poets meeting

Key takeaways from this episode:

  1. Andy started writing poetry to while away the time travelling for work
  2. Andy is a member of a poetry group that meets monthly in Stockport Art Gallery
  3. The group moved online following the closure of the Art Gallery during the COVID-19 pandemic
  4. People’s poems in this group are often very personal because it’s such a supportive circle
  5. Unlike prose you can get to the point of a poem very quickly
  6. Andy’s poem speaks of a journey from group to zoom meeting and the resilience of the group
  7. Open mic poetry events are harder as its competitive and lonely on a stage
  8. The circle creates a feeling of everyone being equal and involved and is a space of safe sharing
  9. Andy often revists earlier work to revise or extend in the light of feedback or change in himself
  10. Andy is currently working on an epic poem bringing together several of his shorter poems that had converging themes.
  11. Read your poetry out loud as that reveals if it works or not
  12. Make your poetry relevant to contemporary human experience

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