Work with me One to One

Would you like to be happier, healthier, more creative and fulfilled?

Everyone I work with is on a journey to more happiness, creativity, well-being and success; the problem is most of the time they’ve forgotten how amazing they already are, and have got lost in the maze of their own thinking.

Work with me and shine a light that helps you see your way out of the maze and into clarity, helping you realise YOU are already wise, and powerful, and that miracles can happen if you let them.

One 2 One Conversations

START living and ENJOY unconditional happiness, creativity and success.

The reasons people work with me include:

  • living the life of their dreams
  • sorting out their digital footprint
  • becoming the person they see inside themselves
  • practical advice and support for their latest creative project
  • having less anxiety and more ease
  • finding the mojo that appears to have deserted them
  • being healthier and happier
  • stepping up and changing the world
  • making important decisions

Coaching options include:

  • Weekly or monthly coaching conversations to get you where you want to be.
  • Specialist marketing, strategy and writing programmes for writers authors and complimentary therapists
  • One-off conversations to help generate ideas or make decisions.
  • 1/2 day in-person intensive conversations for those life changing moments.
  • A tailored programme to fit your needs.
  • feeling happ
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Let me help you uncover the hidden, inner conversation that undermines you, preventing you from being the person you could be and having the life you dream of having.

Our constant inner dialogue reveals a lot about who we are and why our lives have turned out how they have.

To change our lives, we have to change the conversation.

Let me be the guide that helps you do that.

Find Out More

It all starts with an introductory coaching conversation – which is free. For me to find out about you, for you to find out about me, and to see if it’s a fit for us to work together.

What People Say ..

“Linda pointed out that I was looking at the world through the wrong end of the telescope.  She suggested that I might want to turn it around and look through the other end. This has helped immeasurably.” Marnie Shaw, Dorset Council Outdoor Education Service

Bridget B.

Thank you Linda for providing such a wealth of information and bringing so much comfort to women at a time of great stress. In my eyes you are one of the ‘Earth’s Angels’. I will never be able to thank you for the comfort and strength you gave me I feel blessed to have come across you.

Shayla S.

Just one thing to say …. God bless you!

Claire M.

Linda’s expertise and creativity in helping me to understand the complex world of social media and how best to use it in my business has been enormously helpful.

Sarah W.

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for inspiring, thank you for comforting, for informing and for supporting me on my journey.

Jayne R.

Thank you for the wonderful help and knowledge you have given me. It helped immensely when I felt so alone.

Leslie S.

Linda is cool and calm and steadily holds you to your own plans. As a result of my time working on understanding, planning and working with social media, I have a powerful business tool.