Although it may not feel like it at the time, creative writing whether it’s fiction or not, is the easiest part of the process, and many writers fall into the trap of thinking that when they type ‘the end’ everything just falls into place automatically.

But once you’ve finished the drafts the hard work starts. And it’s hard not because it’s going to take longer or be more difficult, it’s harder because this is about how you will ‘sell’ yourself and your work to the public. Understandably, many people find this emotionally challenging as much as it might be technically complex.

Having a mentor on hand who understands what it feels like to expose your creative work to the world, and who has been through the process of publishing and marketing books several times over, can be a godsend for anyone embarking on such a big adventure for the first time.

Sometimes, all you need is a friendly face to help you along the path of discovery.

So, what will mentoring give me?

To be clear, my job as a mentor is to use my knowledge, experience and skill to help you put an achievable plan in place. That way you can navigate a clear path through all the tasks involved in making your work available to a paying audience. I’ll also help you challenge the underlying beliefs and attitudes that may subconsiously sabotage your hopes and dreams.

And, it’s all based on what you feel you can accomplish within the time you have available.

I will work with you for as long as you need me – whether that’s just a single session or for the longer term.

Why you? What’s make you stand out as a self publishing mentor?

I’ve been working with online audiences since the mid 1990’s. Two of my non-fiction books are best sellers in the UK and the US so you might say I understand something about the whole process of getting my book into a purchasers hands. I’m a qualified coach, mentor and counsellor, this means I work with the ‘whole’ of you, rather than just the ‘writer’ in you.

What themes can we work on?

There are so many topics you could cover, that it’s impossible to list them all. I’ve listed some suggestions below:

  1. How ‘you’ show up in the world personally and as a writer, and how these two things can support or undermine your writing life;
  2. How to manifest your writing hopes and dreams from the practical and pragmatic, to the esoteric and spiritual;
  3. Finding and clearing any subconscious self sabotage you may be experiencing;
  4. Completions and endings, or how you know when you’ve reached ‘the end’;
  5. Developing strategies and plans for your writing life;
  6. What it means to market yourself and your work, and how these two differ;
  7. The process and actions of self publishing.

OK, you got me at hello, what do I need to do next?

Before we start mentoring, we need to have a brief conversation to decide whether working with me is right for you. If I am not, I should be able to point you in the right direction. Please fill in the form below and I will get back to you with some suggested dates and times for an initial conversation.

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