Three simple rules to help businesses (and authors) network effectively on Facebook

The majority of businesses say that their business growth comes as a result of word of mouth, they rely on referral marketing to get new clients, but few of those businesses have a strategy. Many businesses also have a Facebook presence of some description but once again they simply sit back and wait for it to happen.  These activities apply not only to businesses, but to any one who is looking to engage with people they do not already know on the medium that is Facebook – so this is as much for all you Authors out there as it is for everyone else too.

Facebook requires the same three basic networking principles used elsewhere in life and in the real world.

  1. You meet people. In the real world this might be at a networking event, the pub or even socially. You’ll probably say hello, sit down and share some news or gossip and perhaps a drink or a cup of tea too.  On Facebook this is the equivalent of people coming along and either becoming your friend (not good for a business as this is against the Facebook terms of service) or preferably, encouraging them to ‘Like’ your page.
  2. You follow up with those people.  In the real world this would be the equivalent of perhaps sending them an email post event, or perhaps sharing a piece of useful information with them that can help them. On Facebook though this is where you respond to the things they say to you by commenting, liking and sharing with others rather than ignoring them which is what a lot of Facebook pages seem to want to do.
  3. You build a relationship.  In the real world this would happen naturally if you met up with people regularly, they would start to feel comfortable that you know what you are talking about and that your values and ethics match theirs. On Facebook the equivalent would be to start liking other pages in return and perhaps begin commenting on, liking and sharing their content too.

The biggest benefit of following these three simple rules is that when you do them you expand your reach because not only do the people who follow YOU on Facebook see your activity in their home stream; but the people that follow the pages you like and are commenting also see your activity in THEIR home stream. You get a double bite of the cherry so to speak.

The presentation slides below accompanied a presentation given at the Brilliant BusinessXchange this morning.

So, if you want to start networking on Facebook effectively, why not come along and find me at You can like the page if you want and share a virtual coffee or tea break too 🙂

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