The quality of your email address

Let’s say you have a website for your business and you are selling a product or service that requires people to have confidence in you and your product or service.  Let’s also say that your email address is something like , what sort of impression do you think that might give to people who are contacting you?  I know that for me, I’d always think twice about whether I actually engage with someone whose business won’t even run to a personal email address.

In today’s harsh world of business everything has to be consistent otherwise you can create an unprofessional image of someone only playing at things.  Your website, web address and email address should all be related to your business card, business name and any other marketing material you may be producing.  This is equally true on the social networks like LinkedIn where your professional persona is even more important, because this is where you talk about YOU in relation to your business rather than your business in relation to you.

So if you too have yahoo!, gmail or msn email address, go have a chat with your website developer and ask him to make sure your email address is consistent with the image you are hoping to convey.

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