Six ‘must have’s’ for an author’s website

I’ve been doing some trawling round the web recently, looking especially at author’s websites and during the course of my travelling I’ve noticed that there is not much consistency about the way that they operate/function. Given that in my other life I have my own web development company and work as a social media strategist for said business and it’s clients I thought I’d just put together a list of the things I think every authors website must have.

  1. An About Me page – if I’m looking to find something new to read I love to find out more about the Author themselves; you know the sort of thing who you are, what you do, what you write and why, something amusing even and I think it’s important because it helps to put you into a context I can then understand.
  2. Links to where I can buy your book/s quickly and easily – and link to as many as possible, if possible because the objective is to sell your book isn’t it?
  3. Prominent social account buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social accounts you happen to use. In fact this is a good one for your business card too not forgetting the address because I’m fed up trying to ‘find you on Facebook’ when there are a million other people and pages with same name.
  4. A way of ‘signing up‘ to get more delivered to me so I don’t have to remember to find you – this could be a mailing list of some description or it could be a simple website/blog subscription (if you are using the likes of
  5. Contact details – let me give you a scenario, a major agent comes along and finds your website, they read your blurbs, they buy your book, they love you immediately and want to represent you but they can’t contact you other than by, maybe, adding a comment to a post. How off-putting would that be? If you are a little uncomfortable giving out your real phone number use a service like and get a free number that re-directs to your home number
  6. A nice little link to your Amazon Connect author page, your Smashwords author page and any other accounts that you use regularly to engage with people.

Now before any of you alert me to the fact that I am missing one or two of these things, I did say I was wandering around the web and noticed these elements, I shall now go and add those I’m missing too 🙂

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