Promoting a free Amazon Kindle book? List it with these sites

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Promoting a free Amazon Kindle book is not a simple task especially with the increasing mass of books that can now be found for the Amazon Kindle. Therefore getting a book to the right reader’s attention is hugely important but it can be time consuming. However, all is not lost and there are many helpful people and sites out that provide both free and paid services to authors who have a free Amazon Kindle book to promote.

I’ve listed the services alphabetically just so that there is no inferred priority, and I’ve made a notes where necessary. You’ll see that some sites require a certain number of reviews, other a minimum rating and I’ve also noted restrictions on content for you.

If I come across any other listing services or if you happen to know of any yourself, then please let me know so that I can include them in this list. I’ll also be updating it on an irregular basis to make sure that it stays current.

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  1. Here is an interesting new approach to ebook promotion I would like to share. We list your book on content rich pages and share it through our large and constantly growing social media following.

    It is super simply to submit an ebook and always free:

    Think of it as Pay-Per-Click advertising without having to pay per each click!

    Your Ebook does not have to be free, and once we list it, it stays live on our pages for as long as the Ebook is available for download.

  2. Linda, my (Hollywood intended) screenplay with treatment is Free 2 days (9 & 10 Aug. 2015) on all Amazon markets with just one click: This feature-length screenplay is adapted from the novel, Atlantic City Nazi–a showgirl leads a spy ring evolving into espionage involving Hindenburg Zeppelin in 1937. (Written for YA audience with historical overtones, mystery infused with some humorous scenes. A great chance to become familiar with requirements of writing for the “silver screen.”)

  3. Hi Linda: Thank you so much for providing this super useful list! We really appreciate that you took the time to share this. Our book is for autism parents to teach them how to teach their kids at home using a simple, yet scientifically proven approach. So your efforts with this list will hopefully help a lot of parents who are struggling every day with their child’s dreadful and exhausting behaviors. if you are interested or know of any families with an autistic child. Our book will be free on Oct 1-2. So here’s hoping for a lot of downloads. Who knew what a lot of work it is to give something away! Joan

  4. We never get what we expect when we do these things and I guess the reason for that is because we have only a moderate amount of control over the mighty Amazon. To a large extent you are influenced by the country in which you publish. For example, I publish in the UK and therefore the vast majority of both sales and free downloads are from other users in this country too – despite have best selling UK books, I can’t seem to break into the US market. It is probably similar to the way in which search engine algorithm’s work, in that a preference is given to displaying ‘local’ information over ‘international’, until you hit the point of ‘tipping’ into the mainstream.

  5. As promised…here are the results and some tips i can share :

    1. I used the list published here. After I published my free ebook i return
    to each one of the sites to see which did really advertise me. Only few of them
    did. Most of them are paid/donate sites.

    2. I used twitter a lot on my promotion days.

    3. I got 705 free download (2 days promotion). I dont know if it’s good or not, but i
    got 5 of 5 stars reviews, what rank me and gave me more buyers.

    4. If you want to see my reviews, you can go to :

    5. I publlished my ebook in : Spanish, French and Japanese. (english ofcourse).

    6. Japan is a BIG country … That for sure… A lot of free’s d/l came from there.

    7. Its hard (very) to find japanese keywords….. 🙂

    8. Most of the number raised at night hours (.com) and (.jp)

    thats for now… Will visit here again..

    Join me : @leosuperhero