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Welcome to 2010, yes I know that I haven’t posted anything on the site since before Christmas, but I promised myself Christmas off after all the hard work that went into the challenge.  I’ve also taken a few days off over the last weekend and so am really only properly back to work today ….  I have to say that it’s lovely to have been in a position to take the time off, especially with the weather we have been having in the UK recently.  But now it’s time to get back to work.

As you have probably guessed by now, LinkedIn can be used for many different purposes, the main one of which is Personal Brand Building (in my opinion of course!).  There are however, so many conflicting opinions on how to go about the task of personal branding, and my take on it is just one of many, that I thought a post listing some of the key blogs in this area might be of use to readers.

Personal Branding Blog was started by Dan Schawbel in 2007 and has been providing advice, suggestions and a regular magazine ever since.   Dan’s mission is to teach you how to create your career, command your future, learn how to position yourself for success and in the process become known for your passion and expertise.  In my opinion, one of the best personal branding blogs around!  Just as a matter of interest, if you do a search on Google for Personal Branding blogs, Dan’s blog returns no less than six of the listed organic results, rather like the results I get for LinkedIn Made Easy!

The Personal Branding Blog‘s first post was an short comment on personal googling – AKA using google to search for yourself – you should try it sometime, it’s fun 🙂 .  Since then William Aruda has demonstrated with passion, everything you need to consider when you are taking a peek at using personal branding to build your career and lifestyle.  Use it with caution though, it can be addictive and I can spend hours just surfing around for interesting snippets of information.

Rob Cuesta’s ‘The Business Growth Blog‘ began life in January 2007 and has grown ever since.  791 links in and an Alexa ranking of around 49,000 mean that Rob is a key man to watch.  What he says matters, what he doesn’t say is often even more important.  Note the comments he makes about Networking (in the traditional sense that is) and his comparison to Schrodingers cat – those that know me well will know that I’m interested in this sort of thing.

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