Need a hand to get yourself in front of an audience to promote your book?

The importance of actually getting in front of an audience cannot be underestimated.  One of the most effective ways to get your message across is to undertake readings at as many different locations and venues as possible.  Opportunities exist at local bookshops, reading groups and libraries.

If possible, try to contact as many of these groups in person with a copy of your book, the promotional flyer and any reviews you have had.  Follow up with a letter to say that you would be willing to undertake signings and readings if they felt it were appropriate.

Your local Tourist Information, library or local authority may well have the details of any book groups that exist in the area or have a look at: for loads of resources when it comes to reading groups, literary festivals etc … Also, try out:

To find the details of local bookstores and libraries why not have a look in the yellow pages, or even online at:

Book fairs/literary festivals

There are a number of large book fairs for the publishing industry, the most notable being the London Book Fair that takes place in April each year at Earls Court.  If possible, you should make every effort to attend with several copies of your book.  You can find more information here:

However, there are numerous local book fairs and festivals that take place around the UK each year, and it would be well worthwhile considering contacting the organisers to see if you may be able to take part, perhaps with a signing or reading.  You can use the two following resources to locate information about some of the many fairs around the country:-

Internationally, the following links may be the ones to check out first:

A list of international book fairs is here:

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