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If you’ve followed this blog for a few weeks now then you probably will have noticed that alongside my writing I’m a social media strategist by profession. I have my own web design and social media management company and I’m forever banging on about how to do this, that or the other when it comes to promoting our books. Now, this doesn’t make me an expert by any means but I thought that perhaps it might be worth sharing on a single page the various posts that might be loosely termed ‘marketing’ of one sort or another.

The first place to visit is my 101 Book Marketing Ideas for Authors post – this is an ongoing project to create a series of hints and tips for all authors who have a book to promote.

The Basics of an Authors Marketing Plan

Tales of t’Internet

Have you ever wondered about that strange phrase ‘SEO’ or search engine optimisation? If so and you are still mystified – let me mystify you a little more with my slightly sideways look at what it is through the mechanism of a fairytale. I plan to add new ‘chapter’ every so often from now on.

LinkedIn for Authors and Writers

This is a new section of the blog and one which I hope to expand over the coming months and years.



General Online Marketing Suggestions and Advice

Off Line Marketing Hints and Tips


I have written about marketing for years in one form or another and late last year I decided to remove all my businessy posts off this blog and on to my business website at Internet Mentor. In the process I deleted a whole load which were no longer relevant and have kept some in draft format for a mythical time in the future when I get time to go through them in more depth.

I’ve also written four business books:

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