LinkedIn groups – how to pick the ‘right’ one

I had an interesting conversation today about Groups on LinkedIn and it seems there is no way to guage which will be the ‘right’ ones for you to join.  So I thought I’d put together a few pointers to the sort of things I look for when I’m joining a group – it may just help you make a decision too!

  1. Is it a subject that’s close to my interests and areas of expertise or one where I feel I might make a difference in some way
  2. Is it active – in other words are people using it
  3. How many members does it have – this will be closely allied to number 1 above so high numbers are not necessarily important
  4. Can I join it?  This isn’t as silly as it sounds because some groups are locked if you don’t meet certain criteria
  5. Does the geographic location of members matter?

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