It’s all about YOU!

Yes really, personal branding is guess what ….. all about YOU!    Ok, so you realise that or you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog post would you?  But do you really know who you are?  No really, who are you, who is the person that you are showing on LinkedIn for instance?

The reason for the questions above is because I come across so many people who don’t really know who they are and as a result are not really doing themselves any favours when it comes to putting a profile together.   So where do you start?  Well, you could start with the present.  The reason for this is because it is the present that matters when it comes to a personal brand, of course what you have done in the past and the vast amount of experience you have had matters a huge amount, but it matters because it informs the present.  In other words, you probably wouldn’t be doing what you are doing now without having gone through your past experiences, even if you jumped ship into a completely different career.

How this translates online means that your summary reflects your CURRENT STATE – the things you are interested in, what motivates you, what drives you, your goals, dreams and aspiration NOW.  It also should reflect the successes you have already achieved as well as those you are hoping to achieve in the short to medium term.

Don’t forget those all important key words too, you know the ones that reflect the expertise you have, that you draw on everyday in order to undertake the role you now have  …. At the same time don’t dismiss your past experience, just because it was a different career path, it has never been truer than today to say that all of your experience is relevant, but only in context of how it is used now.

Once you realise that LinkedIn is not just another online CV storage facility, but a real, live thriving community that can help you to achieve your goals you’ll start to value the person you are today, and not the person you were five, ten or even twenty years ago.  It is the present that matters, but your present is built on the experiences of your past!

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