Email marketing

There are only three ways you can increase your income – whether you are online or offline; you can either increase the number of visitors through the metaphorical door, you can increase your prices or you can increase the number of times that the customers you already have buy from you.

This workshop is designed to look at how you can effectively do the first and the last of those three, how to encourage your visitors to buy from you in the first place and then how to persuade them to make a second, third or even fourth purchase later in their relationship with you.

Key to the success of this sort of work is what is called the autoresponder. We have all experienced the autoresponder, they exist in the telephone message that says ‘dial 1 for this and dial 2 for that; but on the web we experience them most frequently in the messages we get from websites saying ‘thank you for contacting us, we will reply to your message within the next 24 hours’. However, this is not all the autoresponder can be used for, in fact it is one of the best ways available to help turn a visitor into a customer and it can all be automated – hence the ‘auto’ in autoresponder.

Clients will consider and work across a range of different subject areas that cover the basics of increasing the number of customers and then retaining customers using autoresponders and other techniques including:

  • how to implement a single automated message easily and simply and usually free of charge
  • techniques that help to build a customer database that you can approach time and again
  • how to easily comply with the Data Protection Act when building such databases
  • how you can use autoresponders to encourage your customers to purchase from you again and again
  • talk about the various services that are available, which are appropriate for different businesses and which are the most cost effective.

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  1. Thanks for another really interesting seminar Linda. As I expected it has given me loads of ideas for how to build relationships with customers – especially via better (and automated of course!) email marketing – in order to encourage them to buy! Now I just need to make the time to put it all into practice and start watching the sales roll in!!!