Creating helpful and descriptive headlines

When people find you in searches on Linkedin, or when you are being active within the Group discussions or in Linkedin Answers; the first thing they see is a little box that has your name, your photo (assuming you’ve chosen to add one) and a ‘headline’ or baby bio.   Unfortunately what most people do is leave their job title in their headline and there is nothing LESS likely to attract attention than something that doesn’t say anything.  However, you do have the option to change it and change it you should.This is a bit like the Baby Bio you might find on Twitter – make it engaging, interesting and absolutely about WHO you are, not WHAT you are.  In fact, if you can make it easier for people to know how you will help them, so much the better.  The alternative, is to do as I do and focus on your skills, abilities and areas of interest.

My headline/baby bio read “Social Entrepreneur, Internet Mentor, Speaker, Writer, Diva, Blogger & Founder of The Hysterectomy Association”. I’m not entirely sure that it’s the DIVA that gets the attention, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised 🙂

  1. To edit your profile, click on Profile in the top navigation bar
  2. This defaults to the edit pane
  3. Click on the little ‘edit’ button next to the headline and make your changes in the box marked ‘Professional Headline’.  Don’t forget to hit SAVE and you’re done
  4. If you are stuck for something to say, why not have a look at what others in your industry say in theirs!

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