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Towards the back end of last month I was invited to present to the Dorset branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing at a brand new event they were promoting designed to introduce members, students and academics to the benefits of digital marketing.  My 15 minute slot was to be about Linkedin strategy, but what can you really talk about in just 15 minutes.  Never one to pass up a good challenge though I set forth on the journey to condense the wonder that is Linkedin into just a quarter of an hour, hoping along the way to motivate those present to get started on building their personal brands.

The presentation I gave can be found on slideshare, but I’ve embedded it here to make life just a little easier for my lovely visitors.  I’ve also added the intro below and in the meantime, if you have any questions you only need to ask 🙂

We all lead increasingly peripatetic lifestyles.  Unlike our parents and grandparents we no longer have the security of a single employer or even a single career.  Instead we can look forward to multiple employers, perhaps self employment and most definitely a ‘portfolio career’.

Everything we do is impacted by many different things, changes in technology, the community we live and work in, our local, national and global economies and things are changing at a faster and faster pace.  It almost seems that every day brings fresh challenges, requiring an update of skills, knowledge, experience and even the intelligences we use.  These add increasing layers of complexity into our already bloated working lives.

We will all be familiar with the old adage ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, we may even have experienced it ourselves at some point in our lives.  Unfortunately even this little ‘truism’ is no longer true for now it has become a who you know, how well you know them AND what you know.  Today, everyone is an expert (at least in their own eyes) and it becomes increasingly harder to tell the wheat from the chaff, so businesses, employers and individuals need to find alternative ways to navigate towards success.  With a little judicious use, Linkedin can be a major tool in helping you to achieve this.

Who you are, what you do and how you do it are what people, employers and other businesses buy.

In the same way that you can choose to buy either Ikea or antique furniture each ‘purchase’ says something about the person buying.

YOU stand for something that is unique to YOU and you alone. Only you will have your portfolio of knowledge, experience, understanding and ‘life’ in general and this is YOUR BRAND. It’s what YOU stand for.

BTW, in the ten minutes it’s taken me to upload the presentation to slideshare and then publish it here on Woman on the Edge of Reality, it’s had 95 views … not bad for social networking eh!

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