Why do I do this?

I have been in Cyprus since 20th January, mainly avoiding building work that is going on in my home in the UK, but also to try and reassess what I want to do with my life in the future.

Over the last few months we have sold two homes, moved into a third and are at last in a position to be able to look more pragmatically at life with the luxury of knowing that there is money in the bank and we don’t have to work, if we don’t want to.

So why am I doing this? Why am I putting myself through all the pain and anguish of trying to get another book published and a brand new website off the ground? I already have a very successful online business in The Hysterectomy Association which could do with more input from me. Why then I am adding to the pressure I already have – especially when I DON’T HAVE TOO?

I don’t think I have an adequate answer to the question and being in Cyprus was supposed to help me find it – Well, I have acquired some colour, I have had lots of trips out, I’ve spent time with friends, I’ve enjoyed the archaeology – but I still haven’t found the answer – so if anyone out there has it, I’d be really grateful if you could let me know too.

Here’s to you all, with another glass of very good Cypriot wine in hand!


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