When Cancer Came To Call

This poem was written by one of my Internet Consultancy clients, Anne Orchard of Families Facing Cancer.  It is specially relevant for me as my brother died of cancer when he was just six years old, a long time ago now I grant you, but it took me a few decades to reach that sense of peace Anne talks about in the second to last stanza.

There was no sign or warning
No writing on the wall
A day like any other …
When cancer came to call

It grew inside your body
A tumour, starting small
In time the doctor told you
That cancer came to call

I fight against the knowing
“It can’t be true,” I bawl
But I can’t mend you, though I try
For cancer came to call

The things I thought were certain
Seen in my “crystal ball”
Now lay, hopes dashed and broken
Since cancer came to call

I let go of my feelings
Let all my barriers fall
I must make my own journey
As cancer came to call

I work with my emotions,
The message from them all
Allows me my own healing,
Glad cancer came to call

A sense of peace comes on me
I am as one with all
My love for you is deeper
Now cancer came to call

And as my life moves forwards
I find I’m standing tall
My days are filled with meaning
Since cancer came to call

© 2008, Anne Orchard
Author: Their Cancer – Your Journey

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