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What is the difference between coaching and counselling?

It can sometimes be confusing to decide whether coaching or counselling will be more helpful to you in any given situation. And, to make it even more complex, you might find one more beneficial than the other, depending on the circumstances. Which means you may not always find the same therapy helpful.

Whilst both are talking therapies focused on improving your life experience in some way, there are some fundamental differences in approach.

Counselling is often used by people who have experienced some trauma or deep upset in their lives which they are finding difficult to manage or cope with. Coaching on the other hand, is used when you have an idea about where you want to be in life, but aren’t sure how you might go about achieving it.

It is very easy to slip into assumptions about how people cope with each therapy. In my experience it is common for people to cry in both counselling and coaching; this is because both have the capacity to release pent up tension and stress when awareness deepens and insights arise.

It is also common to have a profound sense of relief during both therapies, and just because counselling may start in your past, doesn’t mean to say it will not help you move towards a better future. And just because coaching often begins with where you want to see yourself in the future, doesn’t mean it won’t bring up issues from the past.

Practically, coaching will help those who want to get somewhere new, who have goals in mind they want to achieve; whilst counselling will help those who are overcoming some sort of loss – whether that is physical or emotional or who are facing a difficulty in life they feel they cannot overcome.

I am qualified in both fields and often integrate the disciplines depending on what comes up for clients during their session.

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