What is happening to the world?

I’m confused! yes really I am, I’m confused about how this world works. In so many ways I really do have the evidence of my own experience that what we expect we get, and that we create our own reality …. and yet, I am still struggling to know what to do about my house sale.

Do I let myself go with the flow and ‘see what happens’ or do I try and intervene and ‘control’ the situation … either way, I am aware that control is illusory and that we never really have any anyway.

I began my 30 day faith experiment yesterday with the challenge to God to suprise me! and he did.  An old Aussie friend turned up – we did know about it a week or so ago so that wasn’t the surprise – but we went out yesterday evening with some more neighbours and it seemed as if everyone and his dog was in the pub to welcome Anthea back.  The synchronicity’s were uncanny and as for me, well I had a really interesting evening chatting with Richard (another neighbour) about all sorts of things, including house sales!

Eventually I came to the conclusion that I am just cutting off my nose to spite my face at the moment and will have to allow this survey to be done.  but, I’m just sooooo mad – it will be the third one to be done.

So, I’m waiting to see what my ‘surprise’ will be today – but as yet (timed at 14:13) I still haven’t had a phone call from the estate agents or the solicitors – who are both supposed to be acting on MY behalf, not the purchasers!  I’ll let you know tomorrow if anything else changes.

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