Voiceover Girl

I’ve spent two days this week, with another one to go, being voiceover girl on a film.  Actually, not just voiceover, but presenting to camera and a little acting at the same time.It’s mostly been an interesting experience, but with large elements of ‘boring’ interspersed in between.  Whilst the first day’s filming was full on with no break and it was a case of learn lines, go and deliver them (with several takes to get it right), be told what the next scene was and go and learn the lines again.  I had precisely the length of time it took the other actor who was performing to complete their scene to learn my lines.  Which was OK when they were doing a long or difficult bit, but very hard when they were doing a nice (for them) short piece instead.  The pressure was on, and the competition between us built throughout the day.

But come today, I spent the most of the morning on camera with an autocue and the afternoon sitting in a makeshift green room, chatting with the others who were there, drinking copious amounts of tea, and eating biscuits.  It is without doubt one of the hardest ways to spend time.  It’s not comfortable – the chairs become hard after an hour of sitting on them.

I do now know why Julia Roberts took up knitting, there is just so much sitting around and then the pressure of delivering your bit makes for a chaotic time.  I will never say that film actors have a cushy time again, and I really feel for the guys who end up in the gorilla suit who’ve spent hours in makeup and can’t take it off because they still have to do a ten minute take at the end of the day.

Mind you, given that I’m considered a bit of diva by my friends it really appeals to my sense of drama and I’ve loved it.

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