Totally unique thoughts

I was reminded of this reality when visiting a website I had been recommended called TUT – it’s also something I regularly come across when I’m working with clients on making the Internet a more effective sales channel.  According to research by Alta Vista, around 80% of web searches are totally unique which just goes to show the authenticity of the title of this post.

It’s strange to think that no-one is ever going to think the same thoughts that I think, that no-one else will ever have the same unique perspective on life that I have and no-one will ever feel exactly the same way that I do – I am a totally unique personality with those totally unique thoughts.  So, to end, here’s my thought for today;

“If two birds were to fly towards each other at break neck speed, which one do you think would brake first”

See, totally unique (and I’m not sure it even really means anything, but hey ho back to work we go!  Of course I could go with that old koan “what is the sound of one hand clapping?” but that’s an old chestnut everyone has heard of haven’t they.

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