Thoughts on Maslow

I’ve been working with a client for most of the day today and one thing we were discussing was how to track the success of a blog.  In essence we were talking abut the Blog Stats facility that gives you which allows you to see the number of visits your blog has had, the top posts, the top referrers and other useful information.  What was interesting was that we were using this blog of mine as a discussion tool and when I looked, I noticed that the most commonly referred page on my blog is a post I wrote about Lack vs Growth, which was an overview of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs.

Clearly people are searching for this sort of information and so I thought I’d add some more information or opinion in to the general debate and consider how Maslow’s most popular theory relates to business.

Just a quick refresher, Maslow has suggested that there were five basic human needs that needed to be met in order for a person to feel whole and fulfilled in life.  The theory has been expanded and adapted over the years by others to meet almost any type of situation you could imagine., however, the original theory purported that there were five levels:

  1. Basic needs for survival
  2. Safety and Security
  3. Belongingness and Love
  4. Self Esteem
  5. Self Actualisation

My suggestion would be that the way Maslow’s theory could be adapted for use in business would be to consider the needs as follows:-

  1. Having a job – any job will do at this point as it provides money to pay for survival
  2. The job must be in an environment that is safe and secure, think Health and Safety!
  3. To be part of a team that has a common goal and set of ethics and values
  4. To be able to demonstrate that you have an opinion that is heard and valued by the business
  5. That work is now self fulfilling in that you are able to fill your potential

This is an over simplification, I know, but  it is something that I think I will return to in the coming weeks as I prepare a presentation for local business network on Groups and their use in Internet Marketing.

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