The mysterious art of building

I’ve finally admitted that there is something I don’t understand and never will.  It’s building and the construction industry in general.

Everyday I sit and watch the building opposite going up.  It’s going be an exclusive and luxury development (apparently) comprising offices and apartments at the head of what will be Queen Mother Square in Poundbury.  It’s been going up since before I moved here, almost two years ago and I’m amazed at how slowly builders work.

But what amazes me even more and has finally had me admitting I don’t know something is why they keep having to dig up the same trench on the building site all the time.  This particular trench has been dug and filled in seven times since the beginning of January.  Now, I can sort of understand it with roadworks, they have to earn their money somehow don’t they; but this is on a building site, why don’t they just dig it, cover it and then add the next bit of piping then cover it again …. and finally fill it in, put the membrane down and then level it all ready for completion when they have finished adding pipe to it?

You see, I obviously don’t understand building or how they plan do I?  There must be some mysterious ‘thing’ that only builders know, that I can’t possibly comprehend.

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  1. I can’t help it Matt they are directly outside my study window and it drives me mad watching the constant digging and filling in of the same trench ….!