The Mount Haemus Lectures

I have just spent the most fascinating day at the Mount Haemus Lectures with OBOD, which took place at the Medieval Hall in Salisbury’s Cathedral Close.  The whole day was a revelation and gave me the opportunity to dip my toe very gently into the world of the Druid’s.

A conversation with the friend I went with though, did convince me that this world isn’t for me, although I have been invited to a grove meeting.  I was informed that I’m too ‘urban’ for the mud and cold and let’s face it, my shoes wouldn’t take it.  When I mentioned my pink, rose covered wellies, the look I received showed me that they’d probably be even less welcome.

Anyway, of the four lectures that took place, two in particular grabbed my attention fully and completely.  The first was a discourse on Ethics in Celtic and European Mythology and the second was Professor Roland Rotherhams extremly amusing look at Working With Animals – in the sense of the totem.

It got me thinking that I had spent years studying philosophy at school and university and was still no closer to the question of how ethics change through the course of history.  The conclusion that I think Brendan reached was that the ethics of the celtic period may not be appropriate in today’s, but they were relevant in that time and place.  He likened them to virtues and I found myself wondering if the ‘constant virtues’ he talked about were also those that are highly valued today.

As for Roland … well what can I say?  After a trip through crocodilopolis – the ancient egyptian ‘chip shop’ the lecture descended rapidly into laughter.  He was one of the funniest speakers I’ve heard in a long time, but also one of the most sincere …. I’ll definitely be off to listen to him again.

I also picked up a few books and a CD – the most interesting book is called Shroom – A Clutural History of The Magic Mushroom by Andy Letcher ……. Hum …. should be interesting as it grabbed my attention because it reminded me of the Carlos Castenada work I did way back in the 1980’s.

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