The best blackberry jam recipe

I lurve blackberry jam, for me it’s a definite preferred alternative to strawberry which often tastes too bland. And like Rosie (the heroine in my novel, Woman on the Edge of Reality) I love to pick my own blackberries. I also pick sloes and elderberries too and have recipes for sloe gin and elderberry cordial as well if you like.

This recipe is easy peasy and needs no complicated ingredients like pectin either, I add a little ginger to the mix to give a bit of oomph too.


  • 1kg blackberries – wild ones if you’ve got them as they taste so much better
  • 1kg caster sugar
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • several slices of fresh ginger – keep them sliced so you can fish them out before bottling
  • 1 pinch salt

Add all the ingredients together in one very large soup or stock pan. Bring to a rolling boil, and stir frequently so that it doesn’t stick for about 15 to 20 minutes, or until the temperature has reached the heady heights of 105 degrees C. If you don’t have a jam thermometer then you can try the push test. Take a small teaspoon off mixture and pop it on a side plate and see if it sets so that you can push it with a spoon without it disintegrating over the plate.

Do NOT add cold food to the hot jars or vice versa – you do NOT want to deal with the consequences if you do 🙂

Fish out the slices of ginger – you wouldn’t want that suddenly going down your throat whole now would you.

Hopefully you will have collected a whole load of jars to put your delicious jam in and these need to sterilised, either with a sterilising solution for jam making or by putting the jars to heat in the oven at 180 degrees C for about 20 minutes. You can also sterilise your jars in the dishwasher on a rinse wash only and use them straight from there.

Transfer the jam mixture into the hot sterile jars, leaving 1cm gap at the top before adding a small circle of greaseproof paper and the lid then pop all the jars in a large basin of hot water and store in a cool, dark place until needed (or given away).  Don’t forget to keep in the fridge once the seal has been broken.

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