The art of reinvention or how to start again

Today is the 11th March 2012, over the last (alomost) six years I have managed to write the sum total of 279 posts which is an average of 46 and half posts in each year. I also took a quick trip back to 6th July 2006 to find out exactly what I was planning with this blog when I started.

The first post was called What is Reality? And yes, it was the reason for the title of the blog being Woman on the Edge of Reality and yes, it did reflect where I was at the time. But … and it’s a big but … there was no real focus to what I was doing and you can see the result of not planning. Here is a great piece of evidence of that truism “He who fails to plan, plans to fail” – except in this case he is a she! The question then is what to do now.

At the beginning of this year I wrote a blog post claiming that this year would be different, that I would make the effort and that I finally knew what I was going to be writing about….

Hah! I should have known better!

Moving all the businessy type posts off the blog was probably ‘a good thing’ to do and it does mean that I can now focus. But what to focus on? That’s a question that was perplexing me right up until this weekend when I had my Eureka moment!

And now I come to the title of this particular post, The art of re-invention or how to start again; I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and re-assessing lately, particularly after having reached a ‘big birthday’ recently and still feeling that I’m still searching for what I want to be when I grow up.

I decided that I wanted to be a writer and a professional speaker.

Then it occurred to me last night that I was already a successful writer and I have now started speaking professionally. So, I’m re-inventing myself into something I have already achieved, a bit backwards I know but as you may have experienced yourself, often we are the last to work things out when all our friends, family and acquaintances have been saying for ages ‘but we already knew that’.

So, here’s the thing. Until I this morning I still had no idea what I wanted to achieve next, nor any idea about how to use this blog either. Then the Eureka moment. Why not use the blog to talk about how you market yourself as a self published writer and author. Before you groan and say ‘ what on earth can you say about this?’ I do have some experience of doing it rather successfully as I earn quite a nice amount of money each month from my books.

Now, it may have escaped your notice but I have recently written my first novel, aptly called Woman on the Edge of Reality, and I wondered whether it might be fun to document the journey to making it to the best seller lists – if indeed I can get it off the starting blocks.

My blog, which has always had a sub-title of “The day to day meanderings through the mind of an ordinary woman living in an extraordinary world” now has the brand new sub-title of Adventures in Surreal World of Book Marketing.

Update 13/03/2012: Ok I’ve had second thoughts about that sub-title and have reverted to my original …. it’s much more me and I can still talk about my adventures in marketing books as well 🙂

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