Surprise Me!

I have felt rather down today, probably as a result of yesterday and my house sale problems/issues. I don’t really know what to do about it, and am trying desperately to ‘let it go’ and be whatever it needs to be – but it is soooooo hard!

I keep feeling as if there is something I should do. Anyway, I ended up getting up early to work, more writing for the new book. Later on had tea …. in bed with hubby and eventually we got ourselves sorted out enough to go out.

Spent a lovely couple of hours at West Bay and then went on to Burton Bradstock for a long walk across the cliff top, but ended up having an argument about my business acumen. So I felt even more down.

We got home a couple of hours ago and I worked my way onto the laptop again – more a distraction than anything else. But after I had done what I needed to do (changing the postal rates on the website because the Royal Mail is putting the costs up on Monday) I felt I needed to do something else, but couldn’t work out what.

So a bright idea of mine suddenly popped into my head and I thought “I know I’ll go over to Google and put in the search term ‘surprise me’ and see what I get back” So that was just what I did and the result that was first up was surprise me God ‘a 30 day faith experiment’.

That really intrigued me so I had a look around the site and thought – actually this is just what I need right now, an idea of how to let go – I’ll do it by doing 30 days of asking God to surprise me, and see what happens.

As it happens the book has already been written, unfortunately! and you’ll find a link to it at the bottom of the page. But I think this is one journey I am destined to make!

So, with love, light and laughter (I am trying honest!!!) I’ll let you go and be back tomorrow.

Linda x

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